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Legal Resources

www.planetgreentrees.com – Internet Radio with Attorney Michael Komorn discussing important patient issues as well as medical and legal issues.

www.safeaccessnow.org – Patient focused certification and advanced legal medical marijuana therapeutic research.

www.csdp.org/cms – Common sense for drug policy.

www.drugpolicy.org/medical-marijuana – Medical Marijuana Laws, Issues, Actions, and Facts.

Medical Resources

www.cmcr.ucsd.usd.edu – The center for medical cannabis research, high quality medical.

www.projectcdb.org– Defending whole plant cannabis therapeutics.

www.medicalmarijuanastrains.com – Search medical marijuana strains by illness or desired effects.


www.thecompassionchronicles.com – The hottest site for marijuana news, opinion, cannabis resources and networking in Michigan.

www.stopthedrugwar.org – Stop the drug war!! This website contains articles and blogs relating to medical marijuana.

http://ireadculture.com – Culture Magazine.  Cannabis lifestyle and news magazine.

Political Resources

www.mpp.org – Marijuana policy project

norml.org – Working to reform marijuana laws

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